Language Change and Variation

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There are many interesting features of speech, vocabulary and grammar used in these accounts such as the use of verbs, nouns, adjectives, pronouns and also the structure of the speech, for example whether the speech is fluid or hesitant, whether the lexis is stressed to create emphasis or whether synonyms are repeated or not. All of these different features on a lexical level can completely change the perception and picture of who we imagine is speaking and the extract can be interpreted in a completely different way.

The spoken features of the four different extracts are all fairly different. For example ‘Text A’ uses pauses and stressed words. Pausing emphasises words, in this case ‘’.fat.’’, this emphasis could be used to excite or engage the audience. Speaker A also uses stressed syllable and elongated words for emphasis for example ‘‘light, fat, straight and boat’’. The emphasis is used to express certain words and in a way these words summarise the text and these words are what the audience will remember after the entire text. This emphasis technique is called ‘’and co-ordination’’. ‘Text B’ uses fillers such as ‘’you know’’ this breaks up the speech making the speaker seem to have some attitude and a make the speaker sound a bit excited. The speaker also uses stressed syllables, ‘’hygienic’’, this further adds attitude and give the speaker character. The text uses repetition and pausing which is non fluent for example ‘’…of fag ash on your (.) on your cod’’ this makes the text have even more attitude and makes the speech seem as though the speaker is trying to be comical and try to get some laughs. ‘Text C’ seems hesitant at first as though the speaker is not comfortable about speaking about the topic. This soon cannot be recognised as the speaker only seems too happy to slate off the smelly girl. The speaker uses hedging and non fluency features which show that the...
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