Language Beliefs

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Language Beliefs Paper

The number of linguistically and culturally diverse students in America is constantly increasing, that is why there is a challenge before the teachers to give children and students quality bilingual education, especially to those with limited English skills. Language is the main vehicle by which we know about other people's thoughts, and the two must be intimately related. Every time we speak we are revealing something about our language. Nonetheless, learning a first language is something every child does successfully, in a matter of a few years and without the need for formal lessons. Therefore language must be learned, it cannot be a module, and thinking must be a form of verbal behavior, since verbal behavior is the prime manifestation of "thought" that can be observed externally (Language Acquisition, 2004). The problem with language skills for multilingual students is that many teachers just didn’t have enough training in second language education and need additional training to help them understanding what this type of kid needs. The public schools mission is to make sure that all academic standards are being met. They are responsible for making sure that programs are put into place for multicultural homes and families; and that teachers are utilizing these programs in helping the students and families to grow and to learn the language. The public school system is also responsible for making sure that all teachers have been trained and are qualified in teaching and making sure that the students can benefit from their teaching. Parental involvement programs should be developed that embrace the ethnic, linguistic, cultural, racial, and religious diversity of the parents. Children will feel validated in the classroom if they are encouraged to acclimate gradually through daily affirmation of their learning styles and communication patterns....
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