Language Barrier To Communication

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1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background of Study
In this era of globalisation, miscommunication still happens in every day life. Oxford dictionary defined miscommunication as failure to communicate adequately. The grounds of communication is to convey a message from one person to some other. Miscommunication happens to everyone, whether they are communicating with people from the same country or foreigners. Employing an international language such as English could also cause miscommunication because of many genes. It is really easy to misunderstand things, mostly when conversing with people utilizing a language that is not their mother tongue. Dale Carnegie, author of “How to Make Friends and Influence People,” said, “90 percent of all management problems are caused by miscommunication.” (Lewis, 2014). Miscommunication is very serious as it can cause riots or misunderstanding between two or more masses. There will be arguments, misjudgment and could go to a broken friendship or kinship. Even in the workplace environment, it could cause a strain between employees and their bosses, lack of performance from the employees, and delayed work submission. At school, the students might misunderstood what is said by the teachers and it could lead to disciplinary problems and submitting the wrong homework instead of the one that is assigned by the teacher. Miscommunication is cancer that spreads and never goes away.

1.2 Statement of Problem
Miscommunication can be hazardous and it can happen to anyone. Whether between foreigners, between locals, or between locals and outsiders. Practicing the same words can even contribute to misunderstanding and an order could merely sound as a statement or a petition instead. Thither are many ways to avoid miscommunication between people and there are many research that moves over the solution. Nevertheless, there are not enough research that tells the actual reason why miscommunication happen mostly when people are conversing in the same speech.

1.3 Purpose of Study
The purpose of this study is to investigate the language barrier that causes miscommunication between people and the factors that causes miscommunication.

1.4 Objective of Study
1. To determine the factors that cause miscommunication.
2. To investigate whether language barrier can cause miscommunication. 1.5 Research Question
1. What are the factors that cause miscommunication?
2. Can language barrier cause miscommunication?

2.0 Literature Review
The language barrier is one of the main reasons miscommunication occurs. Although they are using the same language, there are many aspects that can cause communication mishaps among people when they converse in their daily life. Language and cultural differences make it hard to communicate not only conversation wise, but also business-wise. It is hard to make business agreements if the two companies could not communicate properly. A survey of EF Education First stated “nearly 600 executives from across the world, almost half (49%) admitted that communication misunderstandings have stood in the way of major international business deals” (Bailey, 2012). Miscommunication does not only occur between people whom English is not their mother language. The British and the American can also have miscommunication among themselves, although they are English speaking lands. They speak the same language, but their culture is different. While the American are more straightforward, the British are more polite and sugarcoat words to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings. Miscommunication can happen because the American might misunderstood what was said and think that it was a positive statement whilst it is, in fact, a negative statement that has been altered to sound ‘nicer’. “It’s true: We British sometimes...

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