Language Awareness Task

Topics: Connotation, Semantics, Past tense, Grammatical tense, The Mistake, Present tense / Pages: 3 (630 words) / Published: Dec 18th, 2012
Language Awareness Task

for: Cambridge ESOL CELTA and International House Certificate –IH Certificate in TESOL/TEFL applicants ONLY

Please complete this task carefully as it is one of the factors we take into consideration when making a decision about your application. You may like to refer to a grammar book – e.g ‘How English Works’ by Michael Swan, published by Oxford University Press, when preparing your answers

Name: El Houssine Razzougui
Date of course applied for: CELTA Training (full time) - 4 weeks

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Correcting a student’s mistake

Each of the exchanges below contains a mistake. In each case:

a) write down the mistake b) write the corrected version c) write in simple terms, as if speaking to a learner of English, how you would make the correction clear

(please enter text in the gray box)
“I’d like some informations about your courses.”
“Certainly, here’s our brochure”

a Informations

b I'd like some information about your courses

c " is an uncountable noun. it always is treated as singular, like advice, news, money…They never take an S in any circumstances.

“Have you got any money?”
“Yes, I’ve been to the bank yesterday”

a I've been

b Yes, I went to the bank yesterday

c I've been: Present perfect is connected to the present , and since the action took place yesterday , the past tense should apply.

“Is John ill? He’s lost a lot of weight.”
“Yes, he is rather slender these days, isn’t he?”

a Slender

b Skinny

c Slender has a positive

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