Language and Power AQA A level English Language B

Topics: Semantics, Gain, The Reader Pages: 3 (1242 words) Published: October 29, 2013
Language and power 1
Power is gained in many ways throughout the text. Text I has been written, primarily, to persuade an audience to share their (bwag) views on the new Sainsburys being built in their “medieval heritage” town of Bishops Waltham, therefore it is aimed at residents of the town who are old enough to write a valid letter of complaint – age 18-70. Firstly, imperatives are used to be assertive right from the beginning of the text. The word “write” in “write a letter today” immediately sets a forward and confident tone to the text, making the matter seem important. As Bishops Waltham is a town without a superstore, this suggests it is small. This also suggests that the bwag group is also small therefore may not be well known to the town members as they are having to publicise their issues. By having imperatives, it makes the group come across as secure to the audience and therefore gaining their trust from the beginning. The imperative “write” is also in capital, bold letters right at the top of the page included in the title. This clever graphology compliments the use of the imperative by making it stand out. Because this is a leaflet through the letterbox, many people would normally regard it as junk mail and not take a second look. Because of the imperative in the title, it encourages people to read on and find out what the important-looking matter is. Furthermore, at the bottom of the page, the final sentence used is a minor one, containing the words “WRITE NOW” in capital, bold letters, once again. This is to reinforce the message that is stated in the title, allowing them to gain power over the readers mind and therefore their decisions. The use of a minor sentence at the end makes it stand out from the rest of the paragraph, again backing up the point. Due to the nature of the piece being an advertisement trying to persuade the audience to do as they wish, influential power is being put upon the audience here to make them do as they wish....
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