Language and Memory Paper

Topics: Language, Cognition, Psychology Pages: 4 (1322 words) Published: October 13, 2010
Language and Memory Paper

Donnell M. Thomas
University of Phoenix
PSYCH 560/ Cognitive Psychology
Dr. Kristi Collins-Johns
15th August 2010

Language and Memory Paper
Language is important to the way we communicate. Semantic memory is acquired over the years and is vital to language. Language becomes second nature when we already know what, when and how to say something. We form sentences, phrases, paragraphs by planning what we say and how we will say it. Most people believe that when we speak, it is without thought and is done unconsciously. However, in this paper I will seek to explain the relationship between semantic memory and language production. Explain the nature and function of semantic memory

Semantic memory is another word for knowledge. How we acquire this knowledge over the years is very interesting. However, it is awesome how we are able to retrieve information from our long term memory bank that we learned in grade school or junior high school. We learned how to brush our teeth, drive a car, put on our clothes and match those clothes, all by way of semantic memory. This is something that we just know how to do, it isn’t an event that we knew where we were, what we were doing, we learned it or when it happened. It’s just something we know. Also important to semantic memory is the knowledge of word concepts. Without this knowledge, we’d be incapable of using the language properly (Robinson-Riegler & Robinson-Riegler, 2008). It is my understanding that semantic networks link nodes together with arrows or arcs to make them make sense in the big scheme of things. The network itself creates the relationship that each context and its contents have with one another. An example of a semantic network would be the word: Wedding. Wedding Wedding Dress Bride Groom Tuxedo Limo Rings Priest Vows Church Family Love God Each composition creates a new arrow which brings about a new topic or node. These terms...
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