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Fear must not blind us to facts
The article ‘Fear must not blind us to fact’ has published on the Insight Publications (website) in 2013 which was wrote by Cameron Bright. The article is about the Melbourne government is going to install more CCTV cameras in the city to prevent random attacks not happen again. He argues that the government should think carefully about install the CCTV before any evidence shows it makes appreciable different to public safety. The writer employs a serious and authoritative tone (such as ‘…lead people taking risks that put them in harm’s way…’) which makes readers fear about CCTV. The author argues with three arguments. Firstly, no evidence show the CCTV is the answer to solve the problem of random attacks. Secondly, CCTV cameras are expensive and useless. Thirdly, the CCTV cameras have the ability to invade people’s privacy. Cameron argues that there are no studies has been able to show the CCTV cameras reduce random violent attacks in any way. He commences by use comparing Australia to United Kingdom where the similar society and law system has. In this situation, readers are more likely to agree the CCTV will be fail because it happens in a similar situation. It also could be a very strong evidence and pointing out the problem in order to position the reader against the CCTV. Following it, the writer combines statistic evidence with repeats the idea of ‘no studies has been able to show that CCTV reduces random violent attacks…’ They produce a lasting change which is CCTV is useless in readers mind. Now, Cameron builds a negative vision of CCTV cameras in readers mind. The writer moves on to states the CCTV is expensive, useless and even put people in a harm’s way. Cameron uses rebuttal to countering the opposite opinion. The supporters says CCTV could prevent and identified crimes. Than he listed opposite evidences to against it. It creates a sense of sarcastic to makes article more...
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