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Mahasaraswati Denpasar University hold a college field work (KKL) in

order to add insight and information. College field Work (KKL) is an intra- curricular activities form which is mandatory for all students

Mahasaraswati University as one of the requirements to get a certificate in

order to complete the final task in completing education courses in English

education and teacher training faculty.

Teaching education is not about how to learn the theory or hard skill,

but it is also to develop the character and attitude or soft skill in order to

produce a qualified teacher especially in teaching English. Based on that

reason, it is very necessary to do a comparison between one university to

other universities to improve the quality of study and compare how the

education system is applied in each university. This year, KKL is done in

Yogyakarta - Surabaya to visit tourist objects and Sanata Dharma

The goals that want to be achieved through the Field Work Field (KKL)

is an attempt to get the experience and knowledge to the students about the

university and tourism objects that were visited to develop scientific

insights, ways of thinking and behaving as a prospective undergraduate

education. In addition another goal that wanted to be achieved through this

KKL is to form a partnership with related parties as one of the efforts to

optimize the implementation of Tri Dharma University in the community.


Benefits from the KKL program which done in Yogyakarta and

1. KKL built a chemistry and togetherness between lecturer to students;

moreover, between students to student

2. KKL participants were able to apply discipline and responsibility.

3. KKL participants got a lot of friends from other classes because we had

placed in same bus. Thus, it can help both; student and lecturer in learning

4. KKL participants have additional insight about Sanata Dharma University

and tourism objects in the area that visited on KKL.




1. The first day, on Saturday 29th

of June 2013

Based on my friends experienced, she did a lot of schedule there.

she gathered early in the morning at the campus for praying before leaving

to Yogyakarta. Then after all completed, they departure from the campus

to Gilimanuk harbor by A bus. Bus that they used was G bus.

Approximately for 3 hours we arrived at RambutSiwi temple in Jembrana

regency, Negara district. they prayed together before continuing their

journey to Gilimanuk. The first impression, The people did sing and laugh

together but then the time has changed and they got bored and took a slept.

Less than one half hour, finally they arrived at Gilimanuk harbor and they

It was to late to say afternoon, but they hadn’t got lunch so that in

the boat they felt very faint. An hour crossing, finally they arrived at

Ketapang harbor then they continued the journey to Grafika restaurant for

lunch. There they could not be too enjoyed their lunch because of their

conditions which were not good; the weather was very hot. After finishing

lunch they continued their journey to the Blambangan Temple. There they

prayed together then took pictures in front of the temple. Most of them in

first time prayed at Blambangan. From there they started the trip, during

the trip they were accompanied by songs; However, most of them only

slept because got of carsick; moreover, they’re not too familiar with

students from other classes that there were in their bus.

Quite a long time, finally they arrived at a Pasir Putih restaurant to

have dinner again. This afternoon they didn’t take a bath because the tour

guide did not allow them and gave limited time. After an hour, they back

to the bus and continued the long journey. On the way, the tour guide

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