Landslide Limousine Performance Management Pla1

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Landslide Limousine Performance management plan
Mary Dawson
JULY 13, 2015
Landslide Limousine Performance management plan
Stonefield is starting up a new limousine business with 25 employee, located in Austin, Texas. The performance management plan is the starting point or a map for the company to identify and achieve the desire outcome they want for their employees and their customer. The company wants to maximize its goal through its performance management plan. the performance framework alone with the strategies of the business will developed an organizational performance philosophy, performed job analyses to identify necessary skills needed by employees, identified methods for measuring employee’s skills, developed a process for addressing skill gaps, and developed an approach for delivering effective performance feedback to employees. Performance management plan should always be use as a tool for a business to run smooth. The performance management framework with the strategies of the business   According to Cascio (2013), at a general level, the broad process of performance management requires that you do three things well: define performance, facilitate performance, and encourage performance. The managers at Landslide must ensure that each and every employee know what is expected of them. They must have goals that are sustainable. The goals that are set must “make the company successful” (Cascio 2013). Managers must facilitate performance by eliminating roadblocks. They must provide all the right resources, tools and training. With that being said they must also hire the right employees in other words hire the right fit. You can’t have an employee with a bad driving record driving for a limo service, so you have do a background check just one example. Every employee like the last one, encourage performance, managers should always encourage employees in some kind of way, show them how they are appreciated. According to Cascio (2013), don’t bother offering rewards that nobody cares about, like a gift certificate to see a fortune teller. If you are good to your employees they will be good to you. Show them you care. Organizational performance philosophy

The philosophy of Landslide Limousine will be to utilize the max efficiency and the effectiveness of each employee’s performance; and furthermore to facilitate communication between the employees and their supervisors, according to University of California, Berkeley (2014), employees at all levels are responsible for actively communicating with their supervisors about their performance, taking an active role in planning their development, being accountable for their actions, and continually striving for excellence in their performance. Supervisors are responsible for training and making sure that the employees have the right tools to carry out the mission or job. They have to make sure the job is done right. They have to make sure the customer are taking care of. The job analysis process to identify necessary skills needed by employees According to Cascio (2013), Performance standards translate job requirements into levels of acceptable or unacceptable employee behavior. Job analysis identifies what is to be done. Job analysis information can be gathered in a variety of ways, Landslide Limousine will be using all combinations of method. The observation is one method which is limited to only so many jobs. The interview method is gathering information which requires an interview with every employee. This should be easy to do since he is starting off with only 25 employees. The interview method should focus on how the employees is performing each job. The major duties of the position. Are there is job’s physical demands. This method can be time very consuming but it will help Landslide Limousine identify necessary skills needed by employees. The last method is the Questionnaires. This method is widely used it tells...

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