Landslide in a Village

Topics: Soil, Carbon dioxide, Global warming Pages: 2 (780 words) Published: September 1, 2013
Landslide in a Village
The rainstorm was over, I dashed out from the house to free myself. Spending hours in the house really made me feel bored rigid (extremely bored). I needed fresh air and so I went for a ride in the neighbourhood of Bukit Katil. I enjoyed cycling along the roads that ran parallel with rows of tall trees. The atmosphere around me was refreshingly cool. In the midst of admiring view, I caught the sight of a house that was partly buried in the mud. I halted (stop) and looked at the house from a distance. I hesitated for a while before I went to look for a phone immediately. I managed to find one and called the police. Since it was quite a remote (isolated) area, it would take sometime for the police to reach there. Without the slightest hesitation, I dashed to the house to find out if any occupant were injured. I climbed up the fence and ran towards the back of the house. It was completely covered with mud and I could not find any space to go trough it. While I was climbing the area, suddenly I saw some movement at one side of the mud. It was a man with part of his body being buried under the mud. Quickly, I ran to him and pulled him out. I had to pull him with all my strength and it took me quite some time before I managed to pull him out of the heap of mud. The man was mumbling and he was not fully conscious yet. I tried to comfort him with words of encouragement. At last, the distance wail (to make a long high sound) of sirens broke the silence of the surroundings. A police car and an ambulance soon came into sight. The man was carried off on a stretcher by the attendants before a policeman approached me. I was relieved, at last, to see the most safe. Effects of Deforestation

Nowadays, development seems to be a must for all the countries in the world and it is unavoidable. This is where deforestation will take place. Deforestation refers to the act of cutting trees down or burning the trees in an area of...
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