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Product Assessment
Doretta Darden
Professor Williams
Principles of Marketing 100
August 3, 2012

Product Assessment

The Landline phone is declining to consumers but there still might be
hope for them. Chesterfield area is a good target market to promote
landline service and that area has a large number when it come to
businesses and homes. There is 37.7% of professional occupations in
the 23225 zip code. In which that is just one zip for the Chesterfield
area and landline service is probably how they communicate with
customers. Their income is in a higher range of 150,000 dollars
annually, plus their unemployment rate is lower than some of the other
surrounding area like 23224. I believe they would get the service
because they are still making money in that zone so that would not
hurt their pockets. I think Chesterfield is a very good business area
for the Landline service.


Product Assessment

I believe landline service have decline in popularity for several reasons.
People socialize so much different now and quicker that using the landline
service seem to be the old fashion way for most folks. With all the new
technology out and internet society have found it easier to use those devices
even when it come to buying things. All depending how things are done in
countries and culture people will follow what the next one is doing to keep up.
A lot of African-American don’t have landline because of the cost so they find
it a lot easier to use other sources. Some others are using cell phones as primary
contacts but still have landline because they get deals with their cable service.
Technology is making it possible for you to be able to use things like Skype,
Webcam, and the Ipad to communicate so people see them as better sources
to communicate.

Product Assessment

Recommendations you can take to address marketers are slim.
You could...
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