Landforms Homework

Topics: Rain, Desert, Geomorphology Pages: 3 (663 words) Published: September 18, 2011
Geography Homework-
Landforms homework

Monument Valley- UTAH, USA

Monument valley is a desert area, which means that temperatures are very high in the day time and very cold at night. •Temperatures can fall below freezing.
It can be very windy.
Note- there are some vegetation.

Geographical Narrative

Monument Valley is located in the USA in the state Arizona. This phenomenal desert area is extremely windy; temperatures can even sometimes fall below freezing! The monument valley is a desert area as it receives less than 25mm of rainfall per year, along with the lack of rainfall it is also perceived as a desert area because the temperatures are extremely high in the Monument valley, then fall very cold at night. However, there are frequent rain storms and some vegetation. But as rainfall is lacking, as is vegetation Monument Valley is perceived as a desert area.

Suggest how it has been weathered and eroded.

I think that Monument valley has been weathered through onion skin layering; Onion skin weathering happens in hot desert climates- which would make Onion skin weathering very suitable for the Monument Valley! Onion skin weathering must be in hot desert areas which have a big daily temperature range (35C in the day and 10C at night). Each day the surface layers of rock heat up and expand in the day time. Later on, at night the cold makes the layers contract which causes thin layers to peel off. However, the rock could have also been eroded from acid rain which is made when Carbon Dioxide is mixed in the air; another type of weathering that could have occurred is biological weathering. Noting that there is some vegetation and it can be very windy this could mean that seeds could have been dispersed from the wind.

The chalk is porous (small air holes like sponge) so it can absorb water. •In winter, temperatures can fall below freezing.
Chalk is made from calcium carbonate so it is soluble (will...
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