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Leading Organizational Change – S61

Land Bank of the Philippines Process Change
in Time Keeping

Submitted by:
ABELLERA, Elraiza Sheena
CANDA, Catherine Joy
CAPISTRANO, Chester Jerome
MAPLE, Ma. Cristina
MASBANG, Archibald
ZUNIGA, Gizelle

Submitted to:
Prof. JA Cuenco

Date submitted:
June 5, 2014
I. Organization in Study
The Land Bank of the Philippines is a government financial institution that strikes a balance in fulfilling its social mandate of promoting countryside development while remaining financially viable. This dual function makes LANDBANK unique. The profits derived from its commercial banking operations are used to finance the Bank's developmental programs and initiatives. Over the years, LANDBANK has successfully managed this tough balancing act as evidenced by the continued expansion of its loan portfolio in favor of its priority sectors: the farmers and fisher folk, small and medium enterprises and microenterprises, livelihood loans and agribusiness, agri-infrastructure and other agri- and environment-related projects, socialized housing, schools and hospitals. Today, LANDBANK is by far the largest formal credit institution in the rural areas. Its credit delivery system is able to penetrate a substantial percentage of the country's total number of municipalities. LANDBANK also ranks among the top five commercial banks in the country in terms of deposits, assets, loans and capital. From its initial role as the financing arm of the agrarian reform, LANDBANK has evolved into a full-service commercial bank. But the essence of its existence has not changed at all - and that is to make the countryside continuously throb with life. Vision

Land Bank shall be the dominant financial institution in countryside development committed to the highest standards of ethics and excellence in the service of the Filipino people. Mission
We shall continue to provide timely financial and technical support for our farmers, fisherfolk and other priority sectors. We shall deliver innovative products and services that are consonant with ecological enhancement and effectively address our clients’ needs. We shall embody professionalism and integrity, providing our employees with a work environment that encourages growth and rewards excellence. II. Stakeholder Analysis Matrix (1 page)

National Government - Key Player
Additional profit/funds to the national government
Increase profit

Maximize the use of resources

Minimize loss
Improve services and processes

Offer more products

Increase number of depositors and borrowers
Employees - Key Player
Source of income
Job Security and Career enhancement
Make salaries and benefits more competitive
Human Resources Department and Information Technology Department Information Technology Department -Key Player
Support for the HR automation system
Reliable system for the implementation
Checking of attendance will become more efficient

Human Resources - Key Player
Implementation of attendance automation
Support from the IT department
Computation of salaries will become more easier

Minimize human error in leave computations

Supplier - Key Player
Service and product provider
Payment for the services /consultation rendered and products delivered High quality of supplied goods and services

Investor - Key Player
Invested additional capitalization for the bank
Return of the invested capital
Investors will continually invest capital to the organization National Government
III. Culture Analysis: Fear and Freedom Analysis Scale (2 pages)

Fear - Land Bank of the Philippines has Low Fear Culture
Employees at Land Bank are mostly tenured and have worked in the different departments of the company. These people have seen and observed varying rules, regulations, and policies that have evolved from time to time. As a result, not a...
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