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1. The Society or community - Barangay was the community itself.

2. The Social Classes
a) Maharlika – the Datu family was considered the aristocracy, pay no tribute, and enjoy the privileges. b) Freemen or the Timawa – own their houses and property and in case of war joined the Datu to defend the barangay c) Slaves – the Alipin belongs to the lowest class and could be sold together with the land; always serving the Datu

Terms to Remember

1. Casiquism- the agricultural institution practiced during the pre-Colonial period. 2. The tenants- the tillers of the soil who were landless; they called Kasama by the landlord. 3. The Caciques- they were the big landholders with all the privileges.

The Caciquism
This institution was established as a crop-sharing system. It was a system characterized by the exploitation of the tenant for the benefit, power and glory of the landlord. The present land tenure had its beginnings in the pre-Spanish times.

Land ownership
A. Spanish Period- there was no systematic way of land registration
By 19th century 2 Royal Decrees were passed.
1. Land owners should secure land titles; free if applied for one year application.
Very few registered their lands since they did not know the meaning of the decrees. Those landowners who were educated even added the adjacent land to them without the knowledge of the owner resulting to lost of their land. They became tenant of the landlords.

B. American period - there was a systematic method of land registration. Land titles were reprocessed and authenticated. New claims were surveyed, registered, and new titles were issued. Ignorant tenants were manipulated by the rich landlords.

C. Commonwealth period
The government under Pres. Quezon aimed at giving lands to the landless tenants. The laws were passed preventing huge corporate landholdings.
Public Act of 1936 provided the limits and various ways of acquiring lands...
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