Land Pollution

Topics: Pollution, Waste, Soil contamination Pages: 3 (879 words) Published: April 3, 2013
People across the globe have been facing a number of health problems caused due to the pollution of land, water and air. Talking about land pollution, it has some of the most devastating effects on both nature and living beings. Land pollution is characterized by the contamination of Earth's surface, where humans and other creatures live. One of the major causes of land pollution is human activities. Given below is complete information about the main causes and harmful effects of land pollution.    

Causes of Land Pollution by Human

* Increase in urbanization is one of the major causes of land pollution in Cambodia. Construction uses up forestland. Since Cambodia is a developing country, this leads to the exploitation and destruction of forests. There is more demand for water. Reservoirs are built resulting in the loss of land. In urban areas redevelopment has been a major cause of forced evictions. In Phnom Penh alone, 133,000 people, or 11% of the population, were estimated to have been evicted from their homes between 1990 and 2009. Rural landlessness, often caused by forced evictions, rose from 13% in 1997 to 20-25% in 2007 12. Of serious consequence is the fact that evictions increase the vulnerability of women to further acts of violence. A long-term advisor to the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction (MLMUPC) estimates that, partly because of such evictions, a minimum 100,000 landless and land-poor households need land (Mueller, 2011). * The disposal of non-biodegradable wastes, including containers, bottles and cans made of plastic, used cars and electronic goods, leads to the pollution of land. Citizen lack of knowledge of disposal, the laws isn’t strict enough. * Agricultural wastes including the waste matters produced by crop, animal manure and residues of the farm land are one of the major causes of land pollution. The pesticides and fertilizers used by farmers to increase the crop yield whereas the farmer is...
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