Land Conversion

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Background Information about Magalang
Magalang is a first class municipality in the province of Pampanga. The municipality of Magalang consists of 27 barangays with a total population of 52 607. The farmer group is comprised of 2 452. It has a total land area of 9, 731 hectares and a total agricultural area of 7, 217.1940 hectares. Also,it has a total residential area of 506.6034 hectares, total industrial area of 320.3150, total commercial area of 198.8437 hectares and total institutional area of 1 356.0780 hectares. Magalang is also known for being an agricultural town in Pampanga. There are variety of crops being planted: palay (rice), yellow corn, green corn, legumes (mongo, peanut, cowpea), rootcrops (camote, cassava, gabi, raddish), leafy vegetables and fruits. CommoditiesProduction/Population

A. CropsMT/Heads
1. Palay(rice)24 955.17
2. Yellow Corn1 929.46
3. Green Corn10 528.23
4. Legumes (Mongo, Peanut, Cowpeas etc)181.22
5. Rootcrops (Camote, Cassava, Gabi, Raddish)591.95
6. Leafy vegetables and Fruits223.13

B. Livestock
1. Broiler1 464.000
2. Layers326.000
3. Ducks17 750
4. Sheep280
5. Swine1 409
6. Cattle449
7. Quail6 000
1. Carabao3 406
2. Cattle980
3. Swine2 220

Development Potentials in Magalang
1. Fertile Arable Land for Agri-based Economic Activities
2. Accessibility to Good Transportation Facilities
3. Seat of Integrated research Center, Agricultural State College, training and Animal Breeding Centers 4. Existence and availability of indigenous materials for income-generating projects 5. Availability of Institutions Supportive of Economic related activities such as Banking Institutions, Communications transportation, Power/Energy Facilities and Others. 6. Feedmills Serving the Needs of Livestock and Poultry Raisers 7. Significant Number of Agricultural Dealers for Farm Inputs 8. Ideal sites for Industrial related activities

Magalang has a poblacion area of 595.53 hectares which compose of five barangays. The other twenty two barangays of the town which constitutes about 9 135.7275 hectares composed of rural areas. The General Existing Land Use of Magalang is composed of the following: a. Built-Up Area

The built-up area is composed of the residential, commercial, institutional and open space. The residential area of Magalang is 506.6034 hectares. Most of the residential uses are along transport lines as road ways. Other residents, however, built individually apart from the settlement cluster and are interspersed with other land uses. The commercial area is approximately 198.8437 hectares. This includes the 7.6 hectares vet alight aircraft. Almost all commercial activities are done in the urban core. The institutional area covers approximately 1386.0780 hectares or 14.24% of the entire municipality. This is composed of schools, chapels, churches and other government institutions. The open space is composed of the cemeteries and parks and playgrounds which is approximately 51.9659 hectares.

b. Industrial
The industrial area is composed of poultry piggery, rice mills and mini-conos. A large portion is occupied by the TIPCO at Barangay Sto. Rosario and the organic fertilizer manufacturing at Barangay Navaling. c. Forest

The total area for forest is 50.00 hectares.
d. Agricultural
The rest of the ares or 7217.1940 hectares is devoted to agricultural uses. While in the Existing Urban Land Use of the Municipality of Magalang is composed of Barangays San Pedro I, San pedro II, STa Cruz< San Nicolas I and San Nicolas II. a. Residential

The residential area is approximately 177.6163 hectares or 19.72% of the total urban area. Residential structures are mostly built along the existing roads. b. Commercial
The commercial area is 22.5908 or 2.51% of the entire urban area. This is composed of the public market, banks and...
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