Lance Armstrong and His Doping Scandal Speech

Topics: Tour de France, Jacques Anquetil, American Cancer Society Pages: 4 (1057 words) Published: April 23, 2013
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Topic: Lance Armstrong and his Doping Scandal
Specific Purpose: My Purpose of giving the speech is to persuade the class that the Lance Armstrong’s doping scandal was more complicated than it seemed. I want to persuade the class that however that it is fair for him to loose his titles because he cheated but he should not be treated as a criminal or villain when considering the history of the sport. Introduction:

Attention-getter: Can you name a few cyclists besides Lance Armstrong the have been accused or caught doping? Lance Armstrong didn't invent all of this nor was he acting alone. Multiple cases of doping have been seen in cycling every year from as early as 1885

There have been hundreds of doping cases throughout the history of Cycling.

During the Tour de France from 1999 to 2005 the 7 years in a row when lance won 81.4% of the top 10 places were caught or admitted doping. Seen in a journal published by USI Drug website

The pressure for cyclist to win and to dope was enormous. Doping was and still is a common practice in professional cycling.

Thesis: Lance Armstrong should not be treated as a horrible person when considering the history of cycling and all of his philanthropic work. Preview of Main Points: I will first explain the history of doping and cycling, then I will discuss the media and the scandal, and finally I will explain the great things lance has done for cycling and America. Body of Speech

1. First Main Point: The history of doping and cycling
a. Subpoint: The simple fact is that cheating, drugs, and dirty tricks have been part of the Tour de France nearly from its inception in 1903.

i. For as long as the Tour has existed, since 1903, its participants have been doping themselves. No dope, no hope. Was coined as a popular phrase early on in the tour de France. However, unlike other sports for 62 years this was allowed Substance abuse in cycling wasn’t illegal...

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