Lan Based Library System

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Library System is the one who is responsible in managing all the transactions in a library. A library system can be in manual terms, which is the typical kind of library system. Manual library system is performed by manual means such as manual recording of borrowed books and returned books and etc. This kind of library system is susceptible to many problems such as time consuming process and prone to errors. Due to improving technology today, the typical library system is replaced by a much better one which is the computerized library system. As its name suggests, computerized library system is a library system which is aided by a computer system.

Library System is important in a library, whether it is small-scale or big-scale one, because it is the track of all transactions that will take place in a library. A library system must be organized in order to have fast yet accurate flow of transactions. A library system is also important because it makes the transactions more reliable and secure due to the features of the system. Library System also avoids consuming so much time in each transaction due to the fast processing of data


Mostly all schools or cities right now have their own library system. The trend in library system right now makes the system more reliable and fast. Library system now is user-friendly even to people that are quite computer literate. So the proponents decided to develop a library system which is much better that a typical library system, which is the LAN-Based Library System. As it name suggests; the system is connected to a LAN or also known as Local Area Network. This kind of system provides users better service with regards to the system’s transactions.

The transactions that will take place in the LAN-Based Library System are divided into two types: the server-based and client based. Server-based transactions are the transactions which can only administer by the librarian due to some factors such as security. These transactions are being done in the server only, as its name suggests. Client-based transactions are the transactions which can be done in the client computer in the library or through internet.


These are the scope of the proponents’ project:
* Server-Based Transactions:
* Registering: regards with registering of new users into the system * Borrowing of Books: regards with borrowing of books of a registered user within a due time only * Returning of Books: regards with returning of borrowed books within the due time. If ever it exceeds to the due time, a certain penalty must be paid by the user * Penalty: regards with giving specific penalty to the users who doesn’t comply with returning of books within due time * Client-Based Transactions:

* Viewing of Books: Viewing the common details of a booksuch as author, supplier, title, catalog number and also availability.


These are the proponents’ objectives for this project:
* To be able to create a LAN-based library system.
* To be able to establish a fast and organize library system process using our propose project.

* To be able to create a module which displays the details of the book that is searched. * To be able to create a module in which contains the location of the book in the library. * To be able to create a module which serve as registration form for new users. * To be able to create a project with security features.


The proponents will spend two semesters, equivalent to 10 months, in developing the project. Each month is spent by doing a phase in developing the project. Some of these phases are planning, which usually starts from the beginning of the project, and data gathering, which will be the proponents’ basis in developing the project.

There are activities that must be done every week in the...
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