Lamb to the Slaughter Summary

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Lamb to the Slaughter : a summary (by Yvanna, Marina and Maëva)

Mary Maloney, a devoted woman to her husband was looking forward to seeing him again. As usual, she had prepared everything he could need at home when he would come back from work. But, when he came back that day, he looked preoccupied. She kept on taking so much care of him as she was used to, but it seemed like he had something to tell her, something she would never forget. When he was done telling her whet he had to tell her, she felt like the whole world had fallen apart but she could barely pretend that everything was alright. In a different state of mind, she hit him until he couldn’t breathe anymore. What would come next? She was already planning it.

She would cook the meat and walk to the grocery shop. She would tell the man about the dinner she was about to prepare for Patrick. And when she would come home, she would pretend she was expecting her husband to be still alive and burst into tears when she would find him lying on the floor. That was what she would do, that would be her alibi. And that was exactly what she did, in a right and natural way. When the policemen arrived, they couldn’t find who the murderer was. “Get the weapon, and you’ve got the man,” they said, while they were blindly eating the lamb. And Mary Maloney felt she was somehow out of danger.
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