Lamb To The Slaughter Mary Maloney

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The story “The Lamb To The Slaughter” written by Ronald Dahl is an amazing story. In the story there are two main characters, Patrick and Mary Maloney. Patrick Maloney is a very hardworking detective and, Mary Maloney is a hardworking housewife. In the story “The “Lamb To The Slaughter” written by Ronald Dahl. Patrick Maloney comes home to his wife and tells her he wants a divorce.mrs. Maloney does not mrs. Maloney does not want to take that very well. She goes crazy mentally but on the outside she stays calm. She decides to fix her husband something for dinner.Merry go to the deep freezer and Merry go to the deep freezer and grabs the lamb leg to fix for dinner. then as she's coming out she hits Mr. Maloney over the head with the Lamb leg and kills him.

Mary Maloney shows many different reactions to the death of her husband. When she murdered husband she was very nonchalant. It was almost like...

Maloney can be very deceiving at times. She had all of the detectives fooled . They all thought the same thing. That there is no way that a loving wife could brutally murdered her husband. But these detectives were totally But these detectives were totally wrong. Very played this very smart. . She made herself look innocent and pure. she cried and made herself look heart broke. Then when the detectives were eating the murder weapon One detective said The murder weapon could be right under our noses. Then Mary Maloney giggled.

Mary Maloney is innocent conniving deceitful person. she killed her husband for all selfish reasons. she want to husband to stay with her and love her and come home every day. but Mr. Maloney didn't want it. But he wanted a divorce,. from a woman that he fell out of love with. That was very hard for her to process. . So she murder him with and I thought about it at all and she cooked the murder weapon. Therefore there was no more murder weapon no fingerprints. So, Mary Maloney sucessfully got away with...
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