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A full contrast of St. John Baptist De La Salle
Dr. Salvador Araneta

Makintos L. Maningding

Mr. Jose Tagal

A life of St. john Baptist De La Salle

Family life

St. John Baptist De La Salle was a eldest son of a wealthy couple in that day, he had a 11 siblings including him, but four of them died in infancy, of the seven children who lived and he had a great family even if life in poor situation. He was a childhood, some people claimed he was too serious for a little boy, but he was not able to join play outdoors and he have a good time all day long, it is better to mind my brothers and sisters to help in their studies. He Experienced so many, many problems of his family situation at young age. His father was a judge and he compassion for the people. St. La Salle thinks his liking for music and art sensitive to the people he also judged. His mother was a great woman, she gave a lot of love and full of concern to her children. His Mother’s Parents, his Grandparents. It's been the culture of her family, they gave a good manners like full of love and a lot of encouragement once people or relatives they can’t fixed their problems. At the age of 21, St. La Salle was a Legal Guardian to his young siblings, he was a great deal of responsibility thrown upon early in life after his parents. In that age, he don’t remember all about his childhood since nothing really big happened. He suppose i could say he was a intelligent, normal kid who went to school, played games, slept and ate at home with his siblings.


Besides being sanctified by the Roman Catholic Church, he was the founder of the Institute of the Brothers of Christian Schools. He is considered the patron saint of teachers and educators. He was a general assembly of the brothers. Students had moved over to John Baptist's Christian schools, where studies were free of charge. This saint is the patron of teachers, his great achievement having been to provide a system of education for the common people at a time when the poor were grossly neglected; not mercy by founding charity schools, a cling which had been attempted countless times before only to end in repeated failure, but by creating a body of trained teachers, and thus setting them on the only possible basis which guaranteed success.


St. John Baptist De La Salle knew that the teachers in Reims were struggling, lacking leadership, purpose, and training, and he found himself taking increasingly deliberate steps to help this small group of men with their work. First, in 1680, he invited them to take their meals in his home, as much to teach them table manners as to inspire and instruct them in their work. This crossing of social boundaries was one that his relatives found difficult to bear. In 1681, He realized that he would have to take a further step – he brought the teachers into his own home to live with him. His relatives were deeply disturbed, his social class was scandalized. When, a year later, his family home was lost at auction because of a family lawsuit, He rented a house into which he and the handful of teachers moved. His enterprise met opposition from the ecclesiastical authorities who resisted the creation of a new form of religious life, a community of consecrated laymen to conduct free schools "together and by association". The educational establishment resented his innovative methods and his insistence on gratuity for all, regardless of whether they could afford to pay. Nevertheless, St. La Salle and his Brothers succeeded in creating a network of quality schools throughout France that featured instruction in the vernacular, students grouped according to ability and achievement, integration of religious instruction with secular subjects, well-prepared teachers with a sense of vocation and mission, and the involvement of parents. He was a pioneer in programs for training...
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