lakme and revlon

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Brief overview of marketing strategies.

Company Profile of Lakme

Company Profile of Revlon

Various Marketing strategies adopted by the twoCompany along with product profile 
Objectives of the Study

Research Methodology

Data Analysis & Interpretation

Suggestions and Recommendations

Summary & Conclusion




Within a short span of the last five-six years, the use of cosmetics by Indian consumers has increased significantly with moreand more women and men taking greater interest in personalgrooming, increasing disposable incomes, changing life styles,influence of satellite television and greater product choice andavailability. With the demand for cosmetics on the rise and theopening up of the market to foreign companies, many of the world’spopular cosmetics brands entered the Indian market in the early andmid-nineties and some more have set their sights on India.This cosmetics and personal care industry has been growing atan average rate of 20 per cent for the last few years. The growingIndian cosmetics market offers promising prospects for internationalbrands. The growth rate in the cosmetics market reflects an

increasing demand for beauty care products in India. Perfumes andfragrances, skin care, and hair care products are some of the majorsegments with promising prospects for U.S. companies.Penetration of most cosmetic and toiletries is very low in India.Current consumption of many products is well below that of manycountries in Asia. The low market penetration of many cosmetics andpersonal care products offers room for growth. The Indian toiletriesmarket is well developed and dominated by major multinationalcompanies and a few large Indian players. The urban population with increasing purchasing power is themajor force driving demand for cosmetics and toiletries. India is avery price-sensitive market and mass-market products constitute themajor part of the cosmetics and toiletries market. India’s import of cosmetics and toiletries and intermediate raw materials is aroundUS$ 120 million, of which the U.S. has a share of approximately 10percent. The objective of the study report is to analyze the consumersatisfaction level of different brands, particularly focused on theLakme and Revlon products Market Overview

 The current size of the Indian cosmetic market is approximatelyUS$ 600 million. Of this, the fastest growing segment is cosmetics,accounting for around US$ 60 million of the market. Industry sourcesestimate a rapid growth rate of 20 percent per annum acrossdifferent segments of the cosmetics industry reflecting an increasing  

demand for all kinds of beauty and personal care product. Growth hascome mainly from the low and medium-priced categories thataccount for 90 percent of the cosmetics market in terms of volume.Even with a 20 percent average growth rate, the per capitaconsumption of cosmetics is very low in India. Current per capitaexpenditure on cosmetics is approximately US$ 0.68 cents ascompared to US$ 36.65 in other Asian countries. However, withchanging lifestyles, higher disposable incomes, increasingadvertising, penetration of satellite television, awareness of thewestern world and growing importance of beauty pageants, therehave been significant changes and use of cosmetics is on the rise.Also, with the boom in the Indian fashion world and the growth in thetelevision industry, there has been a rise in demand for professionalbeauty care products. Cosmetic companies in India are placingincreasing emphasis on market research and targeting new marketsegments such as teenagers, men and young women. Cosmeticsconstitute the high growth segments. Nail enamels and lipsticksaccount for around 65 percent of total color cosmetic sales in India.Lakme, a brand originally introduced by the Tata group of India, nowbought over by Hindustan Lever (HLL) of the Unilever group, Tips & Toes,...
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