LAKhT Lecture 4

Topics: Personality psychology, Fiction, Character Pages: 4 (696 words) Published: February 27, 2015
Lecture 4. Imagery
1. Imagery as the interrelation and interdependence оf the literary images of the text. 2. Characterization is the description of the different aspects (physical, moral, social) of a character. Imagery- is the interrelation and interdependence of the literary images of the text. Image is the representation of the general through the particular, of the abstract through the concrete. The system of imagery comprises the author's images, the images of personages, nature and things. The author's images are an organizing force of the literary work that unites its separate parts into a whole entity and penetrates it with unique outlook and unique reality perception. The personages' images embody the imaginative representation of the author's life, perception by rising the concrete features of an individual to the generalized status. In order to create personages' images writers use such means as characterization. Characterization is the description of the different aspects (physical, moral, social) of a character. The personalities of characters in a literary work may be revealed either directly or indirectly. In direct characterization the writer explicitly tells us something about the character. He describes the character himself or makes another do it.

In indirect characterization the characters' personality is suggested by his or her actions, speech, thoughts and physical appearance or by the reactions of others to the character's words and deeds. Using the indirect method of characterization the author lets the reader judge for himself what kind of character is described in the story. Depending on how much information we are given about them, characters can be other flat or round. Flat characters seem very simple as only one or two personality trait. Flat characters are usually one-sided, constructed round a single trait. Round characters, on the other hand, have many different and sometimes even contradictory personality traits....
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