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Topics: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Lake Kivu Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: October 28, 2013
Lake Kivu is a lake located on western coast of Rwanda, and it is a boundary that separates Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Kivu is a very beautiful and important place for Rwanda as it is the source of revenue and an entertainment for many people. Lake Kivu facilitates transport between Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo and is also a transport medium between western districts. Sailing in Kivu is wonderful as Kivu is surrounded by mountains and beautiful forests. Peaceful boat carrying people to different places are available to different part. Many people prefer to travel in Kivu. The waves of water are amazing. When the boat meets those waves it seems like an airplane which is trying to escape the cloud. Really, Kivu is just like the sky when you see it from far and when you are at the center of it you feel fear because there is no shore around except the flat plane of water; however, this makes many people love to travel in Kivu. Lake Kivu is a source of food, by providing fishes that many people are living on; fishing teams that use six canoes connected together are located almost everywhere at the shore of Kivu. During the night Lake Kivu is lit by electricity everywhere. The owners of fishing teams appreciate Lake Kivu as it enables them to live. People from different parts of Rwanda like delicious fishes of Lake Kivu; this makes those fishes very expensive. When traveling around Kivu, you see canoes which are fishing small fishes locally known as “indagara”, “indugu”, etc. many people improved their wealth through fishing. Kivu is educating many Rwandans. To Rwandans Kivu is respectful. The best position of Lake Kivu makes it being a touristic place. Lake Kivu is located in a mountainous region surrounded by beautiful forests. It has very amazing islands. All these attract foreign tourists to come and visit it. Many tourists appreciate sailing in Kivu as when you are traveling in a beautiful boat and listening to birds singing....
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