Lajoma Furniture

Topics: Marketing, Material, Raw material Pages: 4 (677 words) Published: January 22, 2013
I. Time Context:
Present Time

II. Viewpoint:
Owners of Lajoma Furniture

III. Central Problem:
Potential loss of customers due to delays of materials causing increasing orders not to be accommodated. IV. Statement of Objectives:
Must: Redesign Lajoma products thru innovation and continuously accommodate increasing demand from customers. Want: Retention of current customers and sustain company’s success and profitability.

V. Areas of Consideration
TOWS (external environment)

1. Delayed delivery of raw materials
2. Prime raw material is becoming scarce
3. Competition from other furniture manufacturer
4. Increasing price of wood and sometimes price monopoly from suppliers OPPORTUNITIES
1. Other substitute for wood can be used by Furniture manufacturers. 2. Product can be re-innovated thru product reengineering and by becoming innovative and creative. 3. There’s an increasing demand for furniture (be it household and industrial need) 4. Steady supply of other raw materials (steel and plastic) that can be considered by the manufacturers. 5. Increasing popularity of Philippine furniture in global market. 6. Cheaper raw materials will increase profit.

1. Current layout is not flexible. It needs restructuring. 2. Employees need to be trained to be more flexible as well. They need to be oriented with other means and raw materials in doing their products. 3. Current machinery is not suited to be used for other raw materials. There’s a need to invest on new machineries. Its capability is limited. STRENGTHS

1. Expertise of owners on various field is essential to company’s growth 2. Hands on management style and high involvement rate of the...
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