Laguna Art Museum

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Laguna Art Museum

The Laguna Art Museum’s collection consists of works from the early nineteenth century to the present day. The museum was celebrating The Plein Annual Laguna air Painting show, which consists of various painters that painted in and around Laguna Beach. The public was encouraged to view the painters during the week as they created the paintings which were available on the second floor of the gallery for sell and viewing. The Artists in California, Early Twentieth Century from the Permanent Collection is currently on display in the Upstairs Gallery. Laguna Art Museum’s collection consists of works from Laguna Beach as a community of American west and how it became a destination for artist and featured examples from all periods of California art. The museum consists of paintings from artist William Wendt, Joseph Kleist, Matteo Sandona Charles Rollo Peters, Frank Cuprien, Granville Redmond, Donna Schuster, Mabel Alvarez, and many others. It features 85 works from the permanent collection and spans 150 years of California art. My three painting I decided to interpret were Old post office by Joseph Kleitsch, The Golden Hour by Frank Cuprien and Three Women at Seashore by Franz Arthur Bischoff.

From reading interpreting art I learned that interpretation is an articulated response based on wonder and reflection. The first painting I saw going into the permanent collection for the art museum was The Old Post Office my ultimate response was to see if there was some self reflection or a glimpse of my self with the work of art. In the painting you see a man sitting on an old town but you’re not able to see his face because of the distance he is just sitting on the porch. the ground on the painting is sort of dessert like, there’s also a black dog which I think gives it symbolism of maybe how he felt I think the man is maybe him probably a very interested man that was afraid to show people how or who he was. Before even reading the background on...
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