Lady with the Double Chin

Topics: English-language films, Love, 2009 albums Pages: 2 (959 words) Published: September 20, 2012
Lady with the double chin
You must have heard stories about so many girls like Lady with the Two Lambs, Snow-white and seven dwarfs, Lady with beautiful smile and so on. But have you ever heard of a strange theme line like “Lady with the double chin”. You must have also heard about people falling in love with beautiful faces, mesmerizing eyes and handsome bodies and so on...But have you ever heard that someone falls in love with the double chin of a lady. They say that people with the double chin are lucky. I am sure that she is also the lucky one, but whether she proves to be lucky for me or not, I am not really so sure. For example when she is in office then it is next to impossible for me to concentrate on work and I start committing silly mistakes. Once while I was writing an email she crossed me, Fragrance of her body worked as a shot of high level tequila for me. And instead of writing “Hello” in the email I misspelt it as“Hell”. And unfortunately I sent that mail to very senior people of the company putting a copy to my boss too! By the time I realized the enormity of my mistake; my boss was standing in front of me and reprimanding me for my mistake. Initially my boss scolded me for not performing well and repeating silly mistakes. Later when he understood the depth of problem, he pleaded with me to pay attention to my work as he was sure that I have not only lost my heart but my mind as well. At another instance I was having drinks with my colleagues and boss. By this time my crush on that girl had already became the most discussed topic in office. As usual when friends were down with two three pegs, Lord Voldemort inside them came outside and hence they started torturing me to tell them reason of losing my heart to “her”. Just to escape from their emotional murder, I said “I have lost my heart to her double chin”. My boss did not believe his ears and nor did my colleagues. They all laughed so hard that I feared that the roof would come crashing down...
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