Lady Poverty

Topics: Francis of Assisi, Assisi, Basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi Pages: 1 (342 words) Published: April 4, 2011
Lady Poverty

A condition of time that affected many, some were lovers of Lady Poverty and others weren’t. Poverty had her way in many of the regions, although lovers of poverty had their own ideas about what is best for her, the true lovers of her didn’t mind being in her neediness. Lady Poverty carried her trail throughout the Christian societies.

A most noted name in her time was, St. Francis of Assisi. Francis was devoted, and dedicated to Poverty. He would go to the extreme to find her weather she was in the mountains or the valleys, his desire for her continue his quest. As in us; we desire something and think we should have it, so it was with Francis he wanted her as a bride, and he got that.

Poverty story caused Francis to be faithful to her, and he descended the mountains with her as he travel with her in mind. Francis had a love for all created things, he admired the creation of God. His hunger for poverty didn’t come until after he experience something’s.

Born in 1182, in Assisi, Italy; Francis gave himself over to a life of pleasure at a young age, his father was a rich merchant so we can see how easy it was for him to live in pleasure. At any rate, Francis became Ill at a young age, when this happen he converted over his life and promise poverty he would commit to her.

Francis was captured by Lady Poverty; study says he would preach to birds being such a lover of creation, his whole being was consumed in her. Francis lived to see his ideals happen and change as his end near, he was taken back to Assisi where he died in October 3, 1226, in full humility of a song. He was a product of his age, a Lover of Poverty, but all Christians centuries he belonged too.

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