Lady Macbeths Character Analysis

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Lady Macbeths Character
At the beginning of the play Lady Macbeth is very eager on taking the throne and would do anything in order to get it, even. She is also very controlling over her husband and demanding. We first see Lady Macbeth in the play when she is reading a letter from macbeth who is explaining what his future holds from him according to the three witches, which is that he will take on the throne. Lady Macbeth already is very ambitious about this and starts to plan to kill King Duncan. She says ‚‘‘ Hie thee hither,That I may pour my spirits in thine ear;‘‘ This suggests that she is controlling and whatever she tells Macbeth she will easily persuade and control him to kill king Duncan. Lady macbeth is suggesting that her maternal instincts and her nurturing nature is stopping her from killing King Duncan. She says ‚‘‘ Unsex me here and full me from the crown to the toe, come to my woman breasts and take my milk for gall‘‘. This suggests shes wanting to get rid of her feminity, so she can actually be evil without feeling guilty and that take her milk which she would used to care for her child into poison. She then struggles to overcome her feminity and makes Macbeth kill King Duncan. She then sees the throne in sight and is extremely happy about this but Macbeth’s conscience fights with him making him feel guilty and regret what he has done. The Blood is a
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