Lady Macbeth Commentary

Topics: Performance, Macbeth, Audience Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: May 17, 2012
My purpose behind performing my modernized script was that in studying Shakespeare’s Macbeth in class, I found it difficult to understand majority of what was being said in the play. So to prevent future audiences (senior students learning Macbeth) from assuming, but to better understand more of the meaning under the text, I reinterpreted the Lady Macbeth scenes to advance the audiences understanding in the characters and the drive behind the decisions made to form the play.

The purpose in selecting the two scenes of Lady Macbeth was based on the fact that there was a major transition between her character’s decisions in the opening of the play and how it affected the outcome of her character at the end.

In preparation of my script writing and performance, I encountered several challenges in understanding the original play script and spent a vast amount of time reinterpreting my script into my own words which will better suit the audience’s understanding. In finding a way to understand the text, I used a variety of online sources as well as books which greatly assisted me in rewriting the script.

As the only dominant female role in Macbeth, Lady Macbeth is an important character in the play. She signifies the fallen woman who turns out to be a victim of a matter which began as her being the prime motive for her husband, Macbeth’s first murder, that of the King of Scotland, and the progression of her deteriorating psychological state. Whether she was the catalyst behind the murders, a devoted wife simply wanting the best for her husband, or merely a confused character longing for power, she delivers many discourses, various readings and representations, and successfully positions the audience in various ways all throughout the text.

* Mention the discourses evident in Shakespeare’s original play? (eg. Power, gender, ambition, etc…)Which discourse have you privileged (emphasised) in your scene? * Have you departed from the...
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