Lady Macbeth Character Analysis

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As the name suggests, Lady Macbeth is Macbeth’s husband. Lady Macbeth encouraged and pressured Macbeth into killing Duncan so that Macbeth could become kind and she would also have an equally high status. Although it may seem that Lady Macbeth lacks compassion and humanity, it is not the case. To kill two of Duncan’s guards and Duncan himself, Lady Macbeth had to call upon evil spirits to “stop up the access and passage to remorse”. She tells the spirits to “take [her] milk for gall” suggesting that she needs to be turned into something less that human to commit the act of murder. Without these evil spirits, Lady Macbeth wouldn’t have been able to have gone through with the killing of these people; her conscience wouldn’t have let her.

Lady Macbeth is presented as a fine wife because she is shown to know Macbeth well. She knows that although he has the ambition to become king, he lacks the relentlessness that comes hand in hand with ambition.

A great will is present in Lady Macbeth; when she wants something, she’s willing to fight for it. Her immediate reaction in the Duncan case is to make Macbeth kind as fast as possible, she has all areas covered and plots the whole scheme. She also re-assures Macbeth that it is the right thing to do. The slyness and tact that Lady Macbeth holds is immense. The plan she made to murder Duncan was immaculate and leads to her prevail.

Lady Macbeth may come across and cruel and inhumane but upon a closer examination it is seen that Lady Macbeth doesn’t have those qualities. She is a strong willed woman with lots of power. She largely impacts on Macbeth’s life and his decisions which is shown in the ability of hers to manipulate Macbeth into killing Duncan.
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