Lady Macbeth

Topics: Macbeth, The Birnam Wood, Three Witches Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: December 6, 2005
The Witches' prophecies set the stage for the downfall of Macbeth. Macbeth suffered from guilt and arrogance brought on by the pursuit for power.
[Act 1 Sn 5] Lines 15-18
[Act 1 Sn 5] Lines 42-43
This shows that Lady Macbeth is more willing to kill to get what she wants. Also how Macbeth would rather let the prophecies take their own course rather than take shortcuts. [Act 2 Sn 2] Lines 12-13

This is where Lady Macbeth is anxiously waiting while Macbeth is "doing the deed". This quote shows Lady Macbeth's uncertainty of the outcome of the crime. This leads us into Macbeth's guilty conscience.

[Act 2 Sn 2] Lines 60-63
Lady Macbeth then proceeds to comfort him by suggesting that a little water will wash it away. [Act 2 Sn 2] Lines 66-68
This is an oxymoron because Macbeth just stated that all the oceans could not make the thought of his sin go away. Also, Lady Macbeth suggests that washing the blood off is going to free them of guilt which shows some foreshadowing.

As Macbeth is being crowned, Banquo confronts Macbeth and implies that he may be hiding something.
[Act 3 Sn 1] Lines 2-9
Again there is foreshadowing of Banquo's fate. Macbeth will do anything to protect what he has. He Claims that Banquo is the "enemy" and sends two murderers to kill him. [Act 3 Sn 1] Lines 116-117, 122-124

This shows that Macbeth is too weak to kill Banquo himself, but still sees his ghost of guilt. It isn't until a visit with the three witches that Macbeth gets comforting news. The 1st apparition – [Act 4 Sn 1] Line 72"…beware Macduff, beware the thane of Fife" The 2nd apparition – [Act 4 Sn 1] Line 80-81"…none of woman born shall harm Macbeth" The 3rd apparition – [Act 4 Sn 1] Line 93-94"Great Birnam wood to high Dunsinane hill…" These apparitions give him a false sense of safety and they also foreshadow the end of Macbeth. Now Macbeth sends his murderers to kill Macduff, again, the witches warned him and he followed through with the foretelling. Only they don't...
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