Lady Macbeth

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Lady Macbeth
Speech:” Yet do I fear thy nature. It is too full o` the milk of the human kindness”

Even though I am scared of thy nature. It is too full of the milk of the human kindness.

Lady Macbeth’s reaction towards Macbeth is too gentle. In her opinion Macbeth will not kill King Duncan. However Macbeth has fought a battle and won it, Lady Macbeth still thinks he will not fight or kill King Duncan. Lady Macbeth fears thy nature because it is full of the milk from human kindness.

Speech: ‘Look like Th`innocent flower but be the serpent under`t. ``

Macbeth looks like an innocent person but sneaks and doesn’t show himself as a suspect. Lady Macbeth thinks Macbeth looks innocent Macbeth looks innocent like a flower, but be secretly like a snake hiding behind it. In Lady Macbeth`s opinion Macbeth is very kind and smart. Lady Macbeth has a thought Macbeth will act loyally so that king Duncan doesn`t suspect him. As he is smart he might act loyally.

Speech: ‘What thou would`st highly, had wouldst thou hoily``

You want to achieve your highest ambition through honest and honourable means. As Lady Macbeth says this it means that Macbeth always wants to achieve his top and highest ambition through honest and truthful means.

Overall Lady Macbeth thoughts upon Macbeth are that he might get killed because he is too nice, honest and honourable. So Lady Macbeth has a feeling that Macbeth will not kill King Duncan.

Lady Macbeth : Shakespeare
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