Lady Macbeth

Topics: Macbeth, Macbeth of Scotland, King Duncan Pages: 2 (451 words) Published: January 22, 2002
The passing of decade's, centuries and a millennium, man in some aspects, has not changed. With this passing of time, man remains gullible and optimistic. These two characteristics are essential in the development in the play Macbeth. This is evident in that Macbeth's fate is influenced, by the witches' predictions.

At the outset of the play, Macbeths encounters the witches who predict he will become "Thane of Cowdor" and that he too, will one day be king. Nevertheless, the witches do not oblige Macbeth to ultimately commit his actions. However, they do place within Macbeth a sense of wonder and optimism. The three witches intruded upon a part of man, which that he is gullible. Macbeth being gullible caused his wonder and brought forth a feeling of possibility. This is evident, when Macbeth tells his wife of what he has experienced. Upon revealing what was told to him, Lady Macbeth further on, appeals to Macbeth to take action when King Duncan comes to visit. Lady Macbeth urges her husband to fulfill his obligation and kill King Duncan. However, it is apparent that Macbeth is hesitant of such action and is at first unwilling to go forth with the plan. Once again Lady Macbeth alludes to the witches vision and with that, lusts upon the possible gains. The plan is executed and Macbeth becomes King. upon the vacancy of the throne. The witches' vision is obtained, through the natural human sense of possibility and lust. The second encounter with the witches, further reinforce the sense of power in Macbeth and the gullibility of man. Upon this encounter, the witches tell Macbeth that no man can be harmed by. Once more Macbeth believes what he is told and that he is invincible. This feeling of invincibility is shown in the final battle he undergoes, where he is attacking all those around him with no hesitation. The element of invincibility is deeply rooted in Macbeth, due to the fact of the fulfillment of he becoming king. The witches' influence is apparent, in that...
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