Lady Boys

Topics: Transgender, 2006 singles, Thought Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Lady boys

In at least one story of creation there were three children born. There was a boy, a girl and another. Lady boys should be considered that third sex. Lady boys occur in all societies under a variety of names.In Thailand they are called Kathoey, in Mexico they are called Vestidas, in India they are Hirja, in the West they go under a variety of names like Shemale. Lady boys are not accepted in many countries. Some hate lady boys and deny them to the society. I am the one that is a lady boy. I don't mind if others hate me because of what I am. Sometimes they don't know me well. I want them to have open mind. Lady boys should be accepted for many reasons. They are human like everyone else, they can work in all sections of society and they are honest with themselves.

First of all lady boys are human like everyone else.They spend daily life like general people. They can think, feel, laugh or cry same as you. They just want to be accepted from others. Some people insult lady boys because they think lady boys are strange and unusual. Do you think they hove no heart, no breath, no feeling like a robot? No, you're wrong. I want you to have an open mind and change thinking about lady boys. There are many lady boys in Thailand. They can be your friends. They are good if you are good to them and sometimes they are bad if you hate them.

The second reason is that they can work in all sectors of society. In the past Thailand didn't have many lady boys. The time is changing and people are changing too. Many people more accepted in the third sexual, so it's reason for lady boys to show themselves more. Lady boys are everywhere in Thai society and you will often see them working in all sectors including shop assistants, travel agents, boxing, movie stars, singers and so on. You can see that lady boys have a lot of abilities. They can do everything that men do and they can do anything that women do.

Lastly, lady boys are honest with themselves. In Thailand,...
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