Lady and the Tramp

Topics: Walt Disney, Walt Disney anthology television series, Peggy Lee Pages: 3 (1052 words) Published: April 25, 2011
Lady and The Tramp
Lady in the tramp is a captivating movie about a purebred springer spaniel and her owners Jim Dear and his wife, and Tramp a rough around the edges stray. The movie begins when Lady the main character the movie circles around was gifted to Jim Dears wife as a Christmas present and she was their one and only pride and joy. However as the movie progresses Jim Dear and his wife start to act different in Ladies point of view she is beside herself with confusion and it only worsens when Jim Dear and his wife refer to her as “That Dog” She goes on and on about this to her friends Jock the “Scottish Terrier and the ole trusty “Bloodhound Trusty. They have known Lady since she was a “wee one” as Jock refers to children, him and Trusty go on to explain to Lady a baby is nothing to fear but to revel in delight about. But then comes in Tramp the stray dog rascal, he tells Lady that babies are home wreckers and her life as she knew it will all change. They rendezvous in the small town and end up falling in love. They realize their feelings for each other on the evening Tramp takes her to his Italian restraint. This is the moment in the movie when you get enchanted by the romance and the emotion when you hear the lyrics, “It's a beautiful night, And we call it Bella notte Look at the skies. They have stars in their eyes, On this lovely Bella notte, (qtd. Disney), you can feel the rush of warm just as if you were sitting under the stars with your first crush. Feeling children and adults both revel in the feeling of love and connection. Here she is a purebred “Lady” and he is just a regular Joe off the streets. The main setting is in was set in the 20th century inside the typical small town in America however just because this town seemed small it didn’t lack any adventure for these to young puppies in love. This movie is great for children and adults alike the relaxing music and unique details of the character brings the mood and the setting of the movie...
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