Ladurée Industry

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5_ Physical distribution / logistics management in France a) customer service needs

It exists a customer service for each country.

b) production points / manufacturing

Each shop has its own laboratory to manufacture its macaroons. Thus, as the macaroons are products which cannot be preserved more than 3 days after their purchase, they must be transported as fast as possible.

c)inventory control, materials handling, warehousing,

We cannot store macaroons, because they are perishable at the end of 48h. After their manufacture, the macaroons are stored 48 hours in a warehouse to let them put back and stabilize the product. They are not already in an individual plastic box, but in a limp isothermal out of polystyrene.

d) protective packaging

To transport macaroons, the limp isothermal out of polystyrene maintain a temperature constant of the goods (between 0° and 2°) during 24:00 with 72h with the blocks freezing in complement. Matter is expanded polystyrene high density (20gr/litter) of 20.30 or 40 mm thickness. To be dispatched, the isothermal box requires an over pack out of paper-board.

e) order processing

f) customer service

g) transportation modes and costs, containerization, unitizing, freight forwarders, freight brokers, customs brokers

The macaroons are transported in cooled trucks from the factory in Paris at the sales outlets such as Le Printemps. As the macaroons are transported by limp of 6 or 12 we can use a small pallet in the trucks. Thus, standard the Euro pallet whose dimensions are 1200x800mm, is adapted to this kind of transport. We must count on average 49 euros by

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