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Reaction paper
The article “Henry Sy’s daughter shares dad’s story and his 14 principles” by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, and the description of the SM Investments Corporation found in the SM Investments Corporation website and in the Wikipedia website talk about the story of one of the most successful business man in the world: Henry Sy. In the article Henry Sy’s eldest daughter, Teresita Sy, talks about the life of his father since his poor and hard life in China untill his successful career that made him the richest man in the Philippines. Besides the life, in the article, Teresita mentioned also the fourteen principles that Henry Sy gathered and practiced during his life and became the Sy family mantra. The SM Investment Corporation website and the Wikipedia website, instead, talk more about Henry Sy’s company, that it is one of the largest companies in the Philippines. Henry Sy was born to a poor family in Xiamen, China and when he immigrated to the Philippines, he started his business by selling rejected and overrun shoes from Tondo. He tried to focus on planning and buying big supplies of shoes in the U.S., but his plans began to accelerate as he transformed his ordinary shoe store into a fully air-conditioned department store (SM Quiapo, SM’s first standalone department store). And after that he gained more success, built new department stores, started new projects and became the man who is now. During his life he gathered and practiced fourteen principles that Teresita mentioned in the article: strive to be the leader in your chosen field, be a person of integrity, have a long term vision and strategy, focusing would mean concentrating and prioritizing, have a great passion to achieve, work hard, be patient and persevere, recognize opportunity, try to be optimistic, be confident, be disciplined, build your organization, make it your vision to provide employment and social responsibility is important. All of them are really good principles but the...
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