Lacrosse vs. Soccer

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Lacrosse vs. Soccer
Everyone enjoys being healthy, and playing sports is one way to achieve being healthy. Most people enjoy watching or playing sports. Parents usually enroll their children to play sports at a young age. Lacrosse and soccer are two great sports to stay healthy, search for great opportunity; however, both cost money to play competitively. Soccer is better in all three of these regards. Soccer has more opportunity and is less expensive. Lacrosse and soccer players are equally healthy, built differently in regard to the respective sport, but healthy nonetheless.

Soccer players are extremely complete athletes; they must be able to run for 6 miles without stopping, jogging and sprinting. Soccer players must start training at a young age because how grueling it is to get in shape for it. They must have really strong core, legs, and a strong heart. Core muscles refer to obliques, abs, back, and chest. Soccer players cannot be out of shape in anyway in order to play. These muscles take years to make as strong as they need to be in order to be a great soccer player. In soccer a strong shot doesn’t just come from having those famously strong leg muscles like Beckham, but it comes from the twist from the core that creates the torque needed to have a powerful shot. The necessity of a strong core in soccer is often under rated, as well as the overall strength and physicality involved in soccer. The legs are famously strong because they tend to be large and hard to miss. However, the shoulders and core must be strong in order to push off other players while running at top speed and dribbling a soccer ball. The obviously strong body part of soccer players are their legs. Soccer players tend to be able to out lift football players in all exercises involving legs. When analysts on ESPN talk about soccer even the guys usually have something to say about the legs because of how defined and largely muscular they are. When soccer players are able to kick soccer...
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