Lacrosse Stick Trick

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The Steps:
1. Start by placing your dominate hand 12 inches away from the head, and under the shaft (metal part of the stick) with the knuckles of your fingers facing the ground (thumb should be on the top of the shaft), and hold it 2. Scoop the ball off of the floor by taking a step with your left foot and bending down at the knees (keeping your butt low to the ground) and scoop up the ball into the stick by moving the stick in a quick motion down toward the ball (letting the head of the stick to slightly touch the ground) then scoop it into the pocket. 3. Next move your non dominate hand on the stick and hold it above where your dominate hand already is holding on to. 4. Then flip your dominate hand to the bottom of the stick so that your fingers are pointing up (thumb on top of the stick also) and then remove your non dominate hand off of the stick (might feel a little uncomfortable). HARD PART

5. Tip the stick with dominate hand just enough so that the ball is balanced on the tip of the pocket and the head of the stick (right before the curve of twisted ropes are located). 6. After the ball is balanced, begin to move into a circle (slow at first) and then begin to straight the stick so it is perpendicular to the ground. The ball should be rotating with the stick in the pocket. 7. Continue to spin at a fast pace, make two or more complete circles 8. When you have made two circles (or more) slow down (do not completely stop yet) until reached a complete stop and then bring the stick back up toward your non dominate shoulder (do not let the ball drop out of the pocket) and bring into body. 9. Then place your non dominate hand above where your dominate hand is located 10. Then switch the position of your hands (non dominate where dominate is, and dominate where non dominate is). Then you have finished your lacrosse stick trick.
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