Lack of self control
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Genesis Palacios
Professor Perniciaro
ENC 1102
18 September 2013

Where Is Self-Control In The Brain
In the article “Where is Self-Control in the Brain,” the author Elizabeth Landau’s discusses that people have lack of self-control when it comes to diet and exercise . Researchers say that people can shape their environments to help avoid temptation and make firm commitments to change. When people who are trying to lose weight are confronted with meal choices. There are two major factors in their decision. Taste and health, says Todd Hare, assistant professor of neuroeconomics at the University of Zurich and Hare 's research shows that dieters who successfully turn down fatty temptations, such as ice cream, put more emphasis on the healthiness of food and relatively less emphasis on the taste.
Scientist currently, do not have drugs designed to target such brain impairments associated with lack of self-control. However, a drug in the near future could stimulate key brain areas to help people with self-control problems, diet, or money spent on fast food. There are many drugs already on the market to alter brain function for the better. For example, There is (Ritalin) for attention deficit disorder or anti-depressants for depression. Scientists are looking at the brain to figure out how self-control breaks down at the neurological level.
Realizing how hard it is to deny sweets, this article was an interesting read. I myself have a sweet tooth and do enjoy the taste of sugar. All sugar is not bad, but lots of it certainly is. Cutting down on unhealthy foods is a good idea. Eating more healthy foods to replace them is an even better idea. Completely eliminating things people love is a horrible idea .Why is it so hard to refuse delicious candy? Whether people cite cultural reasons, personal etiquette, or lack of willpower, just saying no is anything but easy. However, if people are willing to make a healthy life choice, they must set boundaries for

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