Labour Welfare

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DISTANCE LEARNING DEPARTMENT (DLD) S. No. 55/2-7, Tathawade, Opp. Wakad Police Station, Off. Mumbai-Bangalore bypass, Pune - 411 033. ASSIGNMENT - QUESTION PAPER LABOUR WELFARE

Note : 1. Attempt any Four questions from Part ‘A’ including short notes which is obligatory. 2. Both Questions in Part - B are compulsory. 2. All questions carry equal marks. PART - A Q1.





Maximum Marks 20 Answer Both The Questions. 1. As you are aware that there are so many welfare scheme & welfare laws exist today in the interest of industrial workers in India. Write a synopsis on any one of them, which you feel are more welfare oriented and also suggest any new measures scheme you would like to introduce. 2. A few employers took the initiative in welfare measures for the betterment of their workers. TISCO, in Jamshedpur is one of the pioneers in this aspect. What are the significant welfare measures, the company can adopt keeping in mind the state’s educational, cultural and other problems in mind. ]]]

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Time : 3 Hrs Maximum Marks 100 Maximum Marks 80

(a) What do you understand by the term “Labour Welfare” ? What is it all about ? (b) There are some theories which constitute the conceptual frame framework of labour welfare, describe these theories. (a) Enumerate the basic principles which have to be kept in mind for the successful implementation of welfare programmes. (b) Explain the important aspects of Factories Act 1948 i.e. scope, objects with special reference to safety. (a) Describe “Employee’s State Insurance Act 1948” and “The Employees Provident Fund & Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1952”. (b) Enumerate the name of important agencies which are there to look after the labour welfare in an organisation, also touch briefly on their tasks. (a) Define International Labour Organisation (ILO), also give out its...
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