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Was build by “Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding” (SWS) Co Ltd China. The ship was originally ordered by Company called “Geden Lines” who in turn sold the ship to company called “Metro star” and Metro star sold the ship to “Genco” during the building of the vessel. Genco has appointed Anglo Eastern as Managers and the Delivery was taken by the Anglo Crew from Yard on the 28th of September The Sea trials were conducted from 17th to 20th of September. The Captain, Chief Engineer, Chief Officer and Anglo Supt. Were present on board for the sea trials. There after the vessel did her Maiden voyage to Port Headland Australia and back to China Rizhao for discharge of Iron Ore Cargo. Vessel is time chartered by the owners; Genco limited New York to S.K. Shipping Europe for a period of 35-39 Months starting from 30.09.2007. S.K. Shipping has Sub Chartered the vessel to Trans field Er Resource Hong Kong for a period of 23-25 Months. Copy of charter party attached along with handing over notes. Presently the vessel is in voyage (No 004L) from PDM, Brazil to Qingdao, China with 174162 MT of Iron Ore (Fines) cargo. Next voyage (No 005B) is not fixed yet.

Fresh water Consumption about: 10/12 MT/day.
Fresh Water Generation about: 18/20MT/day.

Ship has two anchors forward and one spare anchor kept on starboard side abeam No1 hatch. Each anchor weighing about 133850 kg. The motors and switch for windlass & forward mooring drums is provided in windlass motor room inside bosun store. Two motors are provided; also cooling water system is provided which has outlet from starboard side hawse pipe out let. The pipe for the outlet is connected to the hawse pipe inside the Bosun store. One valve is provided inside the Bosun store which is marked as” Cooling water over board”. The cooling water inlet and out let Valves for the cooler are in the Windlass motor room. Forward mooring arrangement: Six mooring drums are provided on fore castle deck & four on main deck between No1 & No2 hatch and between No 2 & No 3 hatches respectively. Emergency stop is provided on forecastle deck in front of windlass operating stand unit. Aft mooring arrangement: Six drums are provided on poop deck &two on main deck between No 8 & No 9hatch. Aft winches motors are located in the steering gear room.

Emergency stop in front of each winch operation stand unit.

1. Suez canal light davit is provided on forecastle deck it is a manual operating winch. Safe working load 0.5 t 2. Two cranes (provision crane) are provided on port and starboard side each, safe workings load 5 MT each. These are electro hydraulic crane. Power switch is provided on B deck at bottom of each crane.

3. Bunker crane is situated on port and starboard side of accommodation near bunker manifold, safe working load 4 MT. These are electro hydraulic crane. Power switch is provided at operating manifold.

4. De-mucking winch is provided for hold cleaning kept in SOPEP locker (Port side Mid-Ship Store). Safe workings load 0.2 MT. We have three spare De-Mucking winches. 2 are in forecastle store and 1 in SOPEP locker.

Forecastle store has two exits one on each side this store is provided with one electric exhaust fan, switch for this fan is inside the bosun store. Following Items is stored in the Forward store:

Windlass motor room. There is a separate room for the motors inside the store. Spare boxes for anchor, hatch cover, general spares, hydraulic, deck spares etc. the detail inventory is in the ships office and copy of inventory is attached to the individual boxes with AESM spares tag as per MSM. Life jackets & immersion suit.

Cover of all deck machinery and deck lights.
Rat guards.
Anchor Ball.
Deck and hatch top safety line.
Cargo cluster
Suez Canal light.
Strainer for ballast and bilge covers. Note that the size of the covers provided is...
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