Labour Law

Topics: United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Saudi Arabia Pages: 2 (384 words) Published: March 6, 2013
* Give workers voice ( they still human)

* Deports- workers make rumors in their country so the Embassy of workers will prevent workers from entering the United Arab Emirates for the non-acceptance give them due rights

* Incentives and safe working conditions to prevent such demonstrations in the future (material losses and human casualties)

* Hamad Al Suwaidi, undersecretary of the ministry for Labor Affairs:

* During a seminar in Dubai on Wednesday, Suweidi said nearly 3.6 million expatriate workers in the private sector are included in the UAE’s wage protection system.

* “The UAE is free of forced labor…all workers get their rights and most private sector institutions are now registered in the wage protection system,” he said.

* told the semiofficial Arabic language daily Etihad: ( in same case) * “These workers must immediately report to the ministry, which will spare no effort in taking the necessary measures to guarantee their rights and ensure all their financial dues are settled”

* “The law protects the employer’s rights as its main objective is to organize the labor market and ensure discipline…in case a worker is proved to have absconded from his employer, then he will get a permanent ban on work in the UAE.” emirates247

* Should consider the welfare of everyone regardless of how long they have stayed in their companies.

* The labor court in the United Arab Emirates have been recorded by such issues, that we need for workers to complete the march of urban development, so why not develop the concept of human and give workers the right to deliver their voice and give them their rights.

* This way we will maintain the security and integrity of the state and not consider them as a source of threat and destruction of our country.

* Humaid bin Dimas, Undersecretary of the UAE Ministry of Labour said, "60% expats in the United Arab Emirates, a piece I've been working...
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