Labour Force Essay

Topics: Population, Demography, Employment Pages: 3 (773 words) Published: May 13, 2012
In recent the Australian workplace has drastically changed in the last decade due to changing business practices, economic conditions and government policy. The Australian workforce can be defined as anyone over the age of 15 who is currently employed or actively seeking work. The most noticeable change is the movement away from full time due to a whole number of factors.

Firstly, the most important aspect of the workforce is the size and overall quality. There are three factors influencing this: Population size, Age distribution and education patterns. Population size is influenced by natural increases and net migration. Natural increases are the excess number of births over deaths, Australia has a declining rate of natural increases. Australia’s natural increase level is at 0.6 which in significantly lower than other industrialised countries this is vastly due to families having less children as the cost of living has risen and also the changing social attitude that women no longer stay at home and look after the children. Net migration is the total number of migrants entering our country over one year. Net migration has made a crucial contribution to your increase in population as 40 % of total population growth since WWII has come from migration. This is also related to the level of economic activity we experience, if there is a upturn in economic activity leading to labour shortages,Australia’s migrant intake will rise to meet the demand of labour.

Age distribution, Australia’s workforce mainly consists of people in the 15 to 65 age group. Overall there is an ageing population in Australia, the median age has risen from about 31 to 37 in the past two decades. This is a result of declining birth rates and increasing life expectancy this is mainly due to the advances in medication and higher standards of living. As the “baby boomers” post WWII are moving into retirement Australia could experience a very significant shortage of labour in the future....
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