labour condition of Foxconn

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Business Environment:
Labour condition in Foxconn
Specific Issus: A startling 13 young workers attempted or committed suicide at the two Foxconn production facilities in southern China between January and May 2010.

in NATIONAL factor:
We can interpret their acts as protest against a global labor regime that is widely practiced in China. Their defiant deaths demand that society reflect upon the costs of a state-promoted development model that sacrifices dignity for corporate profit in the name of economic growth. Chinese migrant labor conditions as articulated by the state, are shaped by these intertwined forces: First, leading international brands have adopted unethical purchasing practices, resulting in substandard conditions in their global electronics supply chains. Second, management has used abusive and illegal methods to raise worker efficiency, generating widespread grievances and resistance at the workplace level. Third, local Chinese officials in collusion with enterprise management, systematically neglect workers’ rights, resulting in widespread misery and deepened social inequalities. The Foxconn human tragedy raises profound concerns about the working lives of the new generation of Chinese migrant workers. It also challenges the state-driven policy based on the use of internal rural migrant workers, whose labor and citizenship rights have been violated.


Economic: In 2006, the Western media began investigating labor conditions in Apple’s supply chain in China. Subsequent reports on Foxconn factories in 2007 prompted Apple to start auditing its supplier factories and also to begin publishing its annual Supplier Responsibility Progress Reports. In addition to Apple, other electronics companies felt compelled to respond after the media exposed poor working conditions in Foxconn factories. Under pressure from Apple and other...
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