Laboratory Techniques and Measurements Lab 1 (Labpaq)

Topics: Units of measurement, International System of Units, Length Pages: 3 (1005 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Laboratory Techniques and Measurements
Lab 1
The purpose of this lab was for the student to get involved with his or hers new lab kit as well as being able to know, identify and use each other tools provided in the kit. Another key learning aspect of this lab is to teach the student how to measure properly the many units in the SI system. I will be using laboratory dilutions, measurements, and weights to then calculate using algebraic formula. Throughout lab one we were introduced to many different forms of measurement, whether its using a ruler too measure length, a digital scale to measure weight, and also many different sized and shaped flasks to measure different volumes. Another key measurement of this lab was to teach the student about density and how to measure it. Density tells us that it is defined as the mass per unit measure, in which as we know is most oven referred to as volume and is also used to describe how heavy something is. We were also required to calculate many different measurements do to the number of moles that one substance might have due to the amount of material/solution we are currently working with. Along with all the measurements and how to use them correctly that Lab 1 teaches us, it also presents to use how to record our data correctly using Significant Figures. Significant figures are the number of digits that we may use including or excluding the zeros that we may be given with any number or solution. There are many different rules in determining the proper number of significant figure in an answer. For example; “All zeros to the right of the decimal place and to the right of a non zero digit are consider significant”. So we were given the number 45.000, we know from the rule above that this figure has 5 significant figures because the zeros following he unit are behind the decimal place and are considered significant.

My Hypothesis for this lab was simple, can I or can I not make the proper measurements using...
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