Labor vs Management

Topics: Employment, Minimum wage, Wage Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: October 2, 2013
To this day, there is still a fine sharp line drawn in the very dirt of the big, wide, expanse of the work field. You are either in management or, the common laborer who resides below the manager, working long shifts with little pay. Employers think managers, as representatives of business owners, should have all the power. They should be able to hire and fire workers at will, for any reason or no reason. They should pay only the wages dictated by supply and demand. They should set the hours, pace and conditions of work for maximum productivity. Laborers on the other hand believe that work isn’t something to be purchased or sold off like cattle; they believe that their wages should be enough to allow them to be able to comfortably support themselves, regardless of the current economic conditions or production rates. There is certainly no doubt that if asked, anyone would choose to be on the management side of the work field. But without laborers, there would be no production, and no production is no business. So that’s why I choose to focus on the laborers of the work field and find a happy medium between laborers and management. As a company expands and grows, so will its profits. But whether those profits are split in the right way was questionable. Owners, employers and managers often would get extremely large amounts of money from the incoming profits of the business while laborers were down below scraping up a meager pay and had to deal with longer hours and faster pace to keep with demand. John D Rockefeller is a...
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