Labor Relations Project & Presentation

Topics: Employment, Unfair labor practice, Management Pages: 4 (913 words) Published: July 25, 2011
Labor Relations Project and Presentation
Tia Carrick, Gary Herman, Beverly Miller, Daniela Spaziani
University of Phoenix
Employment Law MGT 434
June 6, 2011
Paul Love

Labor Relations Project and Presentation
Intro: Tia

Scenario 1 – Beverly

The LPNs have asked for your advice:  400/700 words ~ Beverly  
o What would you advise the LPNs to do? Should they unionize? What are the advantages and disadvantages of unionizing at Happy Trials?

 o What issues might the union raise during the organizing effort?

 o What steps must the LPNs follow to unionize? 

o What unfair labor practices need to be avoided by LPNs?

Scenario 2 - Daniela
The independent living home management team has asked for your advice:  400/700 words  
o What would you advise the independent living home management to do? Should they oppose unionization?

o What arguments or defenses might the hospital raise to the union’s organizing issues?

o If the company elects to resist unionization, what steps must the company follow?

o What unfair labor practices need to be avoided by management?  

Scenario 3 – Gary

Happy Trails’ management team may engage in any number of activities during the unionization. Which of the following would you advise? Explain why or why not?  400/700 words ~  
o Actively promote LPNs, offer bonuses, and place some into leadership and management roles.  Happy Trails’ management team and many organizations today are challenged to providing a positive work environment, one were the employees contribute to budgeting decisions, and work processes. The threat of unionization is present, when management fails to respond to employee concerns of working conditions, unfair or discriminating practices. The Happy Trails management team is taking a pro-active approach toward unionization efforts, a strategy to remain non-unionized. The most critical steps an organization can take...

References: Results of HR Hero Survey on Unions: Retrieved June 3. 2011
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