Labor Exploitation

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Labor Exploitation/Unionization

In discussions of labor exploitation, one controversial issue has been the lack of unionization in the workforce. Schlosser would argue that corporations will go to any lengths to prevent their workers from unionizing, in order to isolate and therefore disempower them. However, many corporations would insist that higher concentrations of unionized employees would slow down the rate of production and result in higher cost for consumers. My own view is that a union is a positive thing employees should have, based on my research and experience with the fact that my father worked as president of I.U.P.P.E local 2 union. I watched how he negotiated hardcore to protect employees, worked long hours to help those who were just trying to make a living and watched how personal he took each situation when things didn’t work in the employees favor. According to Schlosser “Roughly 90 percent of the nation’s fast food workers are paid an hourly wage, provided no benefits and scheduled to work only as needed.” This is really similar to the security guard industry. Security guards worked hourly, had no benefits and for the most part scheduled only when needed. There were some instances that the security guards had a steady assignment but the hours were long. From reading Fast Food Nation and I was a Warehouse Slave it demonstrates with similarities that no matter what the industry we work in there are injustices everywhere that can be helped with unionizing. When my dad came home from the army he started working as a private armed security officer for a company. While working my dad went to college and then on to law school. He end up running the security firm legal department. One thing that was a problem was the fact that most of the guards were assigned to work for companies and they were not treated fairly because they were not officially an employee of the company they did security at. My dad was instrumental in working with the

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